Privacy policy

In view of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 21 Flowers fully implements the terms and conditions in Privacy Policy - Privacy Statement. In this context, 21 Flowers has made improvements to safeguarding data and protecting the privacy of both legal and natural persons.

Who process personal data

Your personal data will be processed by all employees and partners of 21 Flowers for one or more of the following purposes: - Telephone, written or electronic communication with the sender or recipient for your service regarding your order. For all of the above cases, our employees only act on behalf of 21 Flowers and are specifically authorized to do so, as they are fully bound by confidentiality, on the basis of signed private contracts and obligations under the law , on the collection and processing of the above data. In order to protect the privacy of personal data you transmit through the use of this website, we maintain physical, technical and organizational safeguards. We update and test the security technology we use on an ongoing basis. We restrict access to your personal information only to staff who need to know this information to offer you privileges and services. In addition, we train our staff on the importance of confidentiality and the preservation of privacy and security of your information.

Data Conservation Time

Our shop maintains customer data for as long as it keeps a professional relationship with customers. However, in any case, it may preserve the longer term. 21 Flowers saves your personal data for a period of one week from the placement of your order and in compliance with applicable laws, all user data after the end of this deadline is automatically deleted. The florist's website stores cookies for thirty (30) calendar days.

Server hosting, file storage and management.

All data traffic between our florist web site and the browser is done using HTTPS encryption. In compliance with applicable laws, all user data and records are deleted within one week of placing your order, both from the Server and the interface of our website.

What does this Privacy Policy cover

We might, under certain circumstances, allow updates to your order to be made by another person who can verify information in the order. We will not sell this information to other parties unless you provide consent. If you do not agree with any part of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Website. Phone numbers of recipients and customers are used to help facilitate the orders and arrange for delivery. In the event that the recipient contacts us for the information of the sender, we will disclose the first and last name and the state of the sender only, without consent. Should they request for other details such as mailing address or contact information of the customer, we will gladly contact you first and seek approval to disclose the said information. We will give full disclosure of the customer's details if and only if contacted by law enforcement or if a subpoena has been issued.
Customer's rights in relation to the processing of personal data.
21 Flowers is committed to an online store to give you the opportunity to make any purchase you want and have the flowers of your choice on the same day as you want through a safe tour in 2 ways:

• 1 - Registered users? where users have full access to their account and manage it themselves. Right of access to their account, right to rectification, right to delete stored data or the entire account.

• 2 - Visitors? where users have limited capabilities and can not delete any data. This privacy notice is intended to provide you with information about the personal data collected by 21 Flowers from you and the way they use them. If you have any questions, please contact us.